Technology Asset Management (TAM)

Identify, track and control license utilization with BLC’s robust TAM program
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An effective asset management program continually monitors and reports IT license utilization, deployments and entitlements, to provide rich information that empowers control and mitigates the risk of compliance exposure.

Untangle Complexity

Software licensing is increasingly complex as vendors change licensing rules to accommodate new technologies, virtualization and cloud-based or subscription services. A TAM program brings clarity through analytics and cuts across disparate data sources against display actual utilization to license terms.

Reveal True Costs

The shift from on-premise to cloud subscription services often comes with the promise of efficiency and data center savings. A TAM program calculates the true costs, to compare with the vendor’s promoted savings.

Identify Opportunities and Take Control

A TAM program gives insight into operational efficiencies, rebundling opportunities and performance, for cost containment and control. The ability to demonstrate diligence and management of the technology environment gives assurance to leadership, while predictive analytics support action planning and forecasting.

Reduce Compliance Risk and Exposure

Whether technology environments are self-managed or operated by a third party, there is a requirement to maintain license compliance. Failure to achieve asset management transparency increases financial risk and opens the door for vendor audits.

BLC TAM Delivers:
  • Continuous monitoring and analytics on implementation and use to provide insight and forensics
  • Asset ownership transparency
  • Software license optimization
  • License compliance
  • Mitigation planning
  • Audit preparation and defense
  • Asset management governance
  • Financial modeling of options
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Contract negotiation leverage

BLC Software Asset Management Service

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