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Hidden waste and missed opportunity can total millions of dollars annually
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Bottom Line in Insurance and Banking

The insurance and banking industries are leveraging technology to improve the quality of their analytical data, sorting through M&A impact, adjusting systems for ever-changing regulations, wrestling with legacy systems, struggling with data quality, and working to better engage customers.

As technology plays an ever-increasing role in the distribution of services and products, companies are constantly changing to gain a competitive advantage. Being risk-averse, however, often causes slower adoption new systems while older systems linger on.

Change can be rapid with the emergence of mobile and cloud computing. Old processes give way to every smart-phone becoming a customer kiosk. But as success is achieved, there is a trail of abandoned projects, patches to legacy systems, unexpected expense, and issues to be solved at a later date.

The resulting mixed environments lead to software licensing complexities; footprint confusion, increased run rate, under-utilized upgrade rights, and excessive maintenance spend.

BLC is a boutique technology services company specializing in Software Audit Defense, License Optimization and Overpayment Recovery. With 10 plus years of experience with companies like Willis Towers Watson, BCBS, Direct General and Asurion we have generated savings in excess of $300 million for our clients.

Our expertise includes in-depth experience with vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Sequel, Adobe, TriZetto, BMC, CA and IBM. We negotiate new agreements; optimize software licenses based on your implementation footprint and strategy, assist with true-up purchases after a deep dive into your enterprise license position, and provide support during software audits.

We know the latest Product Use Rights (PURs), Terms and Conditions, licensing requirements, and how the vendor approaches a negotiation.

BLC will help you:

  • Consolidate and migrate technologies
  • Optimize a hybrid and distributed environment
  • Centralize and consolidate software-licensing agreements after M&A
  • Enable transparency in software licensing compliance and technology footprint
  • Analyze and optimize existing environment before making new or additional purchases
  • Develop a cloud migration strategy
  • Define options to consolidate tools
  • Prepare and defend software audits

Where Do Savings Come From?

Optimizing Licenses40%
Consolidating Platforms25%
Vendor Negotiations20%
Overpayment Recovery15%

We at BLC are Technology Resultants specializing in the world of cost cutting and technology life cycle management. Our approach fits almost any challenge, and is derived from years of experience in a variety of industries. 

BLC’s clients save between 10-40% of their recurring IT spend. We have extensive experience with your largest technology vendors with over $300 million in savings delivered.