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Cost savings, tools for evaluating future invoices and productive supplier relationships are the outcomes of a vendor review.
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Selection, Pricing Compliance and Performance

Vendor partnerships empower a large share of IT operations and having the right vendor can yield efficiencies and provide a competitive advantage.

Productive vendor relationships are grounded in a clear understanding of business objectives. Routine assessment of invoice pricing to contract terms and evaluation of service performance is critical to a mutually beneficial vendor arrangement.

We understand that conversations to challenge pricing or performance can be uncomfortable but with evidence-based analyses, BLC can empower dialogue that protects the interests of your organization while maintaining positive relationships with service providers.

Vendor Sourcing & Selection

BLC’s broad experience across multiple industries and vendors brings in-depth knowledge of best-in-class arrangements along the entire sourcing process.

Set objectives and document current state:

  • Define and align business, project, performance and pricing goals
  • Centralize and consolidate agreements
  • Assess current vendor pricing and performance
  • Analyze environments for optimization or leverage opportunities to fully utilize upgrade rights, contain maintenance spend and provide footprint transparency

Vendor selection and negotiation:

  • Develop RFI/RFP project plan
  • Design vendor qualification and selection process
  • Support proposal rating with quantitative and qualitative measures
  • Leverage favorable terms based on vendor, product and environment intel
  • Quantify options and evaluate financial terms and business case alignment
  • Negotiate meaningful service level agreements to disincentivize poor performance
  • Model financial outcomes for future state, considering legacy systems and applications
  • Recommend SLA structure, penalties and incentives to support quality and continuity

Implementation and transformation:

  • Supplier onboarding, transformation advising and implementation planning
  • Validation and verification of results to vendor proposal
  • Negotiate and optimize renewals, enterprise license agreements and true-ups

Contract Compliance Pricing Review

Hundreds of IT invoices pass through an organization annually and complex billing practices mask overcharges, errors, mismatches and miscalculations. Reviewing invoices and payments can identify these issues but can be tedious and resource-intensive.

Retroactive Review

BLC utilizes proprietary tools and recovery methodologies to decipher obscure invoice line items, identify errors, challenge billing assumptions and deliver recovered overpayments and credits to your bottom line.

Monthly Reviews

We provide customized tools, portals and processes to evaluate invoices, allocate costs to business units, assure that discounts are properly applied and manage vendor communications to resolve inaccurate charges.

Performance Assessment
Performance assessment services provide analyses to evaluate vendor performance against stated objectives, contract terms or service level agreements. BLC advises clients on strategies to address performance issues and if preferred, can work directly with the vendor to negotiate solutions on behalf of our client.

Connect with us Engagement Models

Partnering with BLC puts your resources to their highest use: Your teams stay focused on mission-based, profitable and strategic initiatives while we focus on savings. Those savings can then be directed to priorities within IT, organizationally, or to the bottom line.

Maximizing value is all we do: We review and negotiate hundreds of license and maintenance agreements, true-ups, audits and proposals annually. Individual organizations manage these events as they arise - we see them every day.

Broad insight: Our clients span a wide range of industries including healthcare, insurance, education, banking, logistics and retail. With over a decade of experience, we have insight into best-in-class agreements, arrangements and solutions to position IT as a value-driving entity.